Team Madrid

Team Madrid

Our team brings more than 60 years of experience in concrete and general construction services. Madrid Equipment Rental, Inc. has been proud to offer outstanding concrete and equipment rental services throughout Southern California. We specialize in commercial and residential laser screed, boom pump, soff-cut and (3D) concrete profiling.

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We believe that all team members make an important imprint to the success of our business. Teamwork is a process that ignites when we have leaders at all levels of the company. Being well staffed, our construction experience has grown beyond our primary base of operations with the philosophy embodied by these principles: uncompromising quality, competitive pricing and timely service.

We are dedicated to customer service. Our staff’s expertise guarantees stringent adherence to budget and time line, and a positive experience for all parties involved. Add to this our reputation for unyielding ethics, and it’s no wonder that our business is based largely on repeat customers and referrals.

We act with Integrity in all of our interactions never compromising our business ethics. This is the foundation of who we are as an establishment, and is essential to our future success.

The quality of our performance and of the finished product has established our reputation in the industry and is the key to our continued success. This rule is understood by each employee; we will not compromise on quality. We do it well and we do it right the first time.


Site Work Construction: 90%
Structural Concrete: 75%
Commercial Concrete: 85%
Equipment Rentals: 75%


  • The Madrid team is professional, friendly and efficient. At the end of every day the job site is left clean and the team is thoughtful about the experience they create. Watching the progress from the beginning to a completed project is one of the most rewarding parts of working with Madrid. You won’t be disappointed!

Our Team


Madrid Equipment Rental, Inc. is a diverse company that offers services to all concrete and general contractors interested in using the most advanced state of the art equipment and concrete services in today’s market. We customize our services to meet your precise concrete needswith profitability and quality assured. We specialize in laser screed, boom pump, soff cut and (3D)concrete profiling. We are a team-oriented company, and our ultimate goal to maximize profits and produce results.