Concrete Equipment Rental Services

Square Feet (SF)
Plotting Charge
15,000-20,000 SF
20,000-30,000 SF
Over 30,000 SF
Laser Screed Rate


3D Laser Screed Rate


Linear Foot (LF)
Min. 500-1,000 LF
1,000-2,000 LF
2,000-3,000 LF
Curb Machine Rate


32 Meters 8/HR
36 Meters 8/HR
39 Meters 8/HR
42 Meters 8/HR
47 Meters 8/HR
Boom Pump Rates


+ Yards


Square Feet (SF)
20,000 SF
20,000 SF
20,000 SF
20,000 SF
Place & Finish
Slab on Grade
Deck Hard Trowel
Deck Broom Finish
Deck Rotary Finish


Linear Foot (LF)
Under 3,000 LF
Over 3,000 LF
Soff Cut Rates

Pricing is based on Inland Empire Area. Package pricing available.
Rates subject to change due to pre-vailing wage and job site conditions.